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We are different – our independent status creates a unique culture, where highly talented and motivated individuals are committed to delivering the very best in terms of media expertise and service to our clients.

In most cases we can reduce overall marketing costs by up to a 1/3 whilst increasing the overall impact of any campaign.

We understand that the main desire of most advertisers is to create maximum impact for the least cost, which is why we are able to negotiate the best possible rates for our clients while creating impact through creativity.

We provide an identical service in comparison to other agencies but offer more competitive value for money.

313 Media is about targeted audience delivery – traditional media combined with exciting and diverse online option.


iStock_000009011981XSmall INTERNET CAMPAIGNWhat We Do?

313 Media provides services which are unique to our clients. Each service is tailored specifically to meet customer demands. 313 Media understands individual needs and caters accordingly. 313 Media services include: Press, TV, Radio, Billboards, Black Cabs and Promotional Work.
Whatever your reach – 313 Media provide it
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iStock_000000197076XSmall PRESS CAMPAIGNWho We Are?

313 Media is an advertising agency which specialises in new and creative concepts, allowing our clients unparalleled interaction with respective target audiences. 313 Media was created by professionals with lengthy backgrounds from within the field of sales and advertising. In a world where competition is growing at a rapid pace it is becoming progressively more complex for people to create…
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